Become An Agent

Recruiting Strategy

1. Agency Advantages:

In order to improve TENGDI equipment in the international market share more quickly, TENGDI MACHINERY in line with the policy of "two years of no profit", is now facing the Middle East, Central and South America and other regional countries to recruit agents, can get TENGDI’s full support, including but not limited to the following:

1. The higher the volume of business, the higher the percentage of commission.

2. No deposit, pre-deposit, low starting point, basically no risk.

3. To provide TENGDI machinery and equipment brochures, advertising materials, etc.

4. Provide comprehensive product and equipment training materials.

5. Regularly invite agents to attend seminars and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on products.

6. Timely solve customer problems according to customer requirements.

7. Provide professional cooperation skills and relevant cooperation materials.

8. Provide professional market development methods.

9. Successfully develop a customer channel, and the supply commission will be continuously owned by the agent.

2. Terms of Agency:

If you are interested in becoming our agent, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. Identify with the product and management concept and business model of Tengdi Machinery, and have sincere and long-term cooperation intention;

2. At least 5 years local living experience, at least 3 years related equipment industry experience.

3. Have local contacts, familiar with the local welding plant owner or manager above contacts is preferred.

4. Experience in welding pipe equipment agent or managing related team is preferred.

5. Relatively free time, after training, I can understand the company's products and explain them clearly to customers.

6. Promise not to carry out agency work across the authorized territory, and not to sell the company's products by changing the price stipulated by the company at will, and not to disturb the market.