Matters needing attention in the operation of tube mill/slitting machine/cross-cutting machine

1. Safe use

● Safe use must be an integral part of the risk assessment system.

● All employees have to stop any tasks and operations.

● A safety improvement suggestion system must be established for employees.


2. Guardrails and signs

● Signs must be prevented at all access points in the facility.

● Permanently install guardrails and interlocks.

● Guardrails should be reviewed for damage and repair.


3. Isolation and Shutdown

● Quarantine documents must indicate the name of the person authorized to complete the quarantine, the type of quarantine, the location and any measures taken.

● The isolation lock must be equipped with only one key – no other duplicate keys and master keys may be provided.

● The isolation lock must be clearly marked with the name and contact information of the management personnel.


4. Duties and Responsibilities

● Management should define, enforce and review quarantine policies.

● Authorized supervisors should develop and verify specific procedures.

● Plant managers should ensure that safety policies and procedures are implemented.


5. Training and Qualifications

● Authorised supervisors must be trained and their qualifications verified.

● All training must be clear and all personnel must understand the consequences of non-compliance.

● Systematic and up-to-date training content should be provided to all personnel

Post time: Sep-26-2022