What are the common faults of the straight seam welded pipe unit

There are relatively many failures of straight seam welded pipe units, and the causes of failures are also relatively complicated. Often one result is caused by multiple reasons, or one cause can cause several results. Below we briefly describe the more common faults of straight seam welded pipe units.
1. scratch
During the production process of the straight seam welded pipe unit, the pipe blank scratches are mainly caused by two parts, one is the guiding mechanism, and the other is the extrusion welding mechanism.
2. Scratches on the guide mechanism
Scratches on the guide parts generally occur on both sides of the tube blank. Unreasonable adjustment of the guide structure with the guide sleeve may cause frictional scratches on the upper and lower surfaces of the tube blank. The main reason is that the height position of the guide sleeve is incorrect, or the bearings of the upper and lower guide rollers are damaged, and the tube blank cannot be well controlled, so that it is formed after friction with the guide sleeve.
3. The extrusion welding mechanism is scratched
Scratches caused by extrusion rolls mainly occur at the bottom of the tube billet. The reason is that the pass type does not match, the height of the lower edge of the extrusion roll pass does not match the height of the rolling line, and the extrusion force on the extrusion roll is insufficient. .

Post time: Mar-07-2023